Be Where You Are

 I see there is a lot of transition happening at the moment. 

People making life changing decisions (myself included). 
Leaving jobs, taking jobs, travelling, moving etc etc.
Changing up the life situation.
Kudos to you. 
You have listened to your souls calling. Those little nudges, the nigglings, the 'gut feelings'. They raise their head every now and then, saying "hellllloooo this is what you truly want"  but most of the time the Ego is too shit scared to do anything about it.
Have you noticed you feel lighter? That you are shining brighter? That you are inspiring others? 
Sweet relief. 

Now is the time to be where you are.
The mind will want to get where it wants to go quick as a flash! It wants to hurry up and get to this new and exciting place!!! 
But don't wish the time away.
Every day is a blessing. Even when we are in a state of transition. 
Remember what this feels like. Bathe in it. Celebrate it. Own it.
Because this is the feeling of finally listening to your True Self.
Knowing rather than worrying.
Trusting rather than fearing.
Loving rather than competing.
Namaste x

Kristin Pooley