You don't need to be flexible to do Yoga!

The absolute biggest objection I get from beginner Yogi's is "I'm not flexible enough". And I feel you. I really do. I thought the exact same thing when I started practicing. This limiting belief (plus others) is what stopped me from becoming a teacher for years! I have tight hamstrings, tight hips, and limited range in all of my joints. I can't get into a lot of asana's (poses) simply due to the way my skeleton is made. 

But I can tell you, from my heart, that is does not matter.

In the slightest.

This belief is actually stopping you from finding one of the greatest gifts being a human can offer. Yoga is literally for every one. I cannot emphasise it enough! Every body, every age, every soul. 


And by questioning this self belief, you are already doing 'yoga'. And that is it's true practice. 

Self study. The quietening of the mind. We just use asana's to help get us there. 

We use our props. We use blocks, straps and bolsters. The most advanced Yogi's will always use their props. They are our best friend, not the enemy. And we listen to our bodies. We tune in. 

I also have some pretty dope news. I am writing an eBook for beginner inflexible Yogi's! If you're an absolute beginner and have put off starting yoga, this is your time. You are reading this for a reason, right?! 

Until this eBook hits the world wide web, you have many resources at your fingertips to start your journey. Book in for a private session or come to one of my classes! Join our community on Facebook and Instagram for regular asana tips and tricks, sign up to the newsletter etc etc. 

Yoga is flexible, you don't have to be! 
- K x

Kristin Pooley